Areas of Practice

State Charges

You need honest advice about the best approach to your case, based on real-world trial and plea experience. From low-level driving offenses to drugs and guns to sexual assault to child exploitation to murder, Cameron Blazer has experience defending misdemeanor and felony cases in courts across South Carolina.

Federal Charges

Many criminal defense lawyers never set foot in federal court. But, thanks to her years spent as a federal public defender, Cameron has represented hundreds of defendants in the District Courts across the United States, in the Fourth and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals, and in petitions before the United States Supreme Court. The Blazer Law Firm represents clients in federal district courts nationwide.

Criminal Appeals & Post Conviction Relief

In some cases, our courts or juries just get it wrong. With experience gained from countless state and federal appeals, Cameron approaches each appeal with a fresh perspective and an eye for the overlooked details that can make the difference between a win and a loss on appeal. And in cases where the law is in a state of change, Cameron’s laser focus on error preservation at trial can set up even the most difficult case for an appellate win later.

Trial & Sentencing Consulting

Sometimes a case is so complex or so novel that even the most seasoned lawyers can use a second opinion. For those cases, Cameron Blazer provides trial consulting services. And in cases where guilt is not in question, Cameron’s creative approach, which has resulted in scores of favorable sentences in state court and well-below-guidelines sentences in federal court, can help you ensure the best possible results for your client at sentencing. LEARN MORE.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Client and Case Knowledge

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    From Day One, Cameron begins to learn what makes her clients tick. Who they are. How they think. What they love most. Think that doesn’t matter? Think again.

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    We engage investigators and experts to go behind the accusation and gather all of the facts. The investigation is not over after the arrest. It’s just beginning.

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    When mental health challenges or substance abuse issues have caused or contributed to the legal crisis at hand, we involve trusted treatment professionals to help clients get their lives back on track.

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    Your lawyer tells your story—whether to a jury, to a prosecutor, or to a judge. You need your lawyer to know the whole story—who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you’re going.

Personal Attention

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    Your case is important, and so are you. We don’t take every case that comes in the door. If our obligations to current clients mean we can’t give your case the attention it deserves from the very beginning, we will refer you to someone who can.

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    We use technology to bring us closer to our clients—if you prefer text messaging to phone calls, that’s fine! And if you are a night owl who wants to check on the status of your case at 1AM, that’s okay, too—log into your client portal for all the latest news.