Legal Strategy & Consulting

Not every lawyer wakes up in the morning dreaming of her next Rule 59 motion or deciding which member of SCOTUS is his favorite. And that’s fine.

But every so often a case or client comes along needing more than what one lawyer or one small firm can offer. For too long, the choice has been either to refer the case out or risk your reputation—and maybe your sanity—to keep the big one on the line.

Now you don’t have to choose. Maybe you need help drafting a dispositive motion, game-changing motions in limine, or a sentencing brief that will cast your client in a new light. Or maybe the law is against you, and you want to set your case up to change years of precedent after a trial.

Whether you need a little help or a lot, whether you want a partner at trial or a genie behind-the-scenes, Cameron Blazer will put years of creative, aggressive litigation experience to work for you and your client.

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  • Motions

    Motions to Dismiss
    Speedy Trial
    Motions in Limine

  • Federal Sentencing

    PSR Objections
    Sentencing Memos
    Day-in-the-life videos
    Pre-trial sentencing strategy

  • Appeals

    Pretrial Appellate Strategy
    Motions to Reconsider
    Interlocutory Appeals